National Restaurant Funding Announces New SBA Funding Partners

by: The Fork & Spoon

December 1, 2009

National Restaurant Funding, a brokerage-based company of Restaurant Funding Specialists, announces 2009 fourth-quarter formed SBA lending partnerships to help ease the burden of seeking credit for its clients. Through its alliances with nationwide lending partners, National Restaurant Funding is now capable of dipping into a lower threshold funding amount for its clients seeking to open a new location, expand their businesses, acquire functioning restaurants, lease or purchase equipment, build out, or for working capital.

Itself held hostage to a tight credit market, National Restaurant Funding has weathered the year-long credit crisis, focusing primarily on quick, attainable, short term funding products to help ease the cash flow of its clients. “We have had to piecemeal most of our deals this past year; drawing working capital from one source, equipment leasing from another, and often relying on hard money loans just to get the doors open for a client. To say that we have had to be creative on a client’s behalf would be an understatement,” says Chief Executive Member, Rebecca P. Watkins of National Restaurant Funding LLC. “However, this tough economic time has only served to strengthen our resolve to better serve our clients. We are beyond excited to see the lenders slowly opening their doors to our type of client; typically an individual owner with fewer than ten locations.”

With restaurants, as employers, having such a huge impact on the GDP, Watkins feels that restaurants make sense even in harsh economic times. “Merely opening one full-service restaurant in a neighborhood can provide upwards of 30 to 40 jobs. And while we may be spending less per household on dining out; we’re still in love with the idea of service, quality and a great meal at our favorite restaurant,” remarks Watkins.

National Restaurant Funding serves restaurateurs with a pragmatic approach to each deal. If it makes sense to lenders then a deal often gets fast-tracked through the system. While a top-notch credit score is often the key to a successful deal completion for a client, National Restaurant Funding consults from a knowledge-based approach of knowing its clients; having a background in the restaurant and hospitality industry, and often using that skill set to help close the deal with a funding partner on a client’s behalf. National Restaurant Funding has its corporate offices in Atlanta, GA and in Anderson, SC and serves restaurant owners nationwide.

To Contact National Restaurant Funding:

National Restaurant Funding LLC 2413

Northview Ave Anderson, SC 29625

Corp: 877-440-4582


Today’s Restaurant Announces March 2010 Georgia Edition

December 3, 2009

by The Fork & Spoon

Florida based Today’s Restaurant, the Fooodservice industry newspaper, with long held ties to Florida and Texas Restaurant professionals has announced its launch into Georgia’s rich restaurant market with a hardcopy and online edition coming in early March, 2010.

For more information regarding the much anticipated Georgia edition, contact the corporate offices of Today’s Restaurant at 561-620-8888. Ad space is being reserved now.