National Restaurant Funding Launches “Grand Opening” Cash Advance Products

National Restaurant Funding Launches "Grand Opening" Cash Advance Products

July 14, 2009 – Rebecca Watkins

National Restaurant Funding is pleased to offer its newest funding products; a “Grand Opening Cash Advance”, which is paid back as a small daily draft from credit card batches, and a “Start Up POS Purchase Advance”, which is also paid back as a small daily draft from an owner’s credit card receivables. The Grand Opening Cash Advance can be used for virtually any reason related to the restaurant, while the POS Purchase Advance is used solely for the purchase of POS equipment, software and installation.

Most restaurants are under-capitalized by 2% to 20% from the moment the doors open and it is often a struggle to make up the difference, sometimes leading to a restaurant’s failure. Now, with the offering of these two products, restaurant owners can be assured of additional funding resources. When traditional funding products are evaporating daily, its is comforting to know that funders are still working to provide timely funding products for restaurant owners. Both of these products are ideal to individual restaurant owners and franchisees, but may not go in alongside one another.

For more information regarding National Restaurant Funding’s products and services, please contact its corporate offices at: 877-440-4582.

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