Restaurant Owners Twitter to New and Old Customers

Rebecca P. Watkins – The Fork & Spoon

(May 22, 2009)

Marketing a restaurant business has always been a delicate balance of expression of artistry in food, word-of-mouth, and hard dollars spent in traditional media venues. Of course the advent of the Internet has led to unlimited paths a restaurant owner can take in order to reach his or her target dining customer. And even more recently, Twittering has become a quick, somewhat personal way a restaurant owner can reach a client with few words yet still convey a nice nod of acknowledgment to loyal diners, in particular. It is not all uncommon to read what’s being served on the menu or how an owner is wrestling with the quality of his twitpics as in the case of Quinn Hatfield of Hatfield’s in Los Angeles, CA, or how Steven with Claire’s Restaurant & Bar in Harwick,VT is making farm-to-table a delicious trend, or how Chef Maher at Steel in Atlanta, GA is offering Twitter-only coupons. 

Restaurant owners, and the hands-on chef in particular, are limited to the constraints of their locations – spending more time on average than the traditional worker just meeting the demands of a regular day. Time is a commodity and having the ability to pick up a PDA and quickly reach a slew of loyal customers in a matter of seconds is priceless. It is no longer just about the quality of the food, it is about the message, as well. It is as easy as merely “following” your local restaurant on Twitter to take advantage of specials, new dishes, and what’s inside your favorite chef’s head.


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